Todd Pierce

What CxOs Really Think About Testing

Want to know what CxOs really think about software testing? Get the inside perspective from Todd Pierce, Tricentis Growth Advisory Board member, Healthcare and Life Sciences Board Member and Executive, and former Chief Digital Offer of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The truth is, most CxOs don’t think about testing at all until a high-profile application problem hits the headlines, impacting brand reputation, personal reputation, and the bottom line. The general consensus is that “testing is a cost center”—but what does this mean for the testing organization that ultimately reports up to that CxO?

Wolfgang Platz

Digital Transformation:
Navigating the Future of Testing

All signs indicate that the next wave of innovation will be driven by AI, robotics, big data, and predictive analytics. Testers will face the challenge of testing applications that are simply beyond the scope of our current approaches. But you’ll also be able to take advantage of a new generation of testing technologies—enabling you to reinvent your testing process for the digital future.

In this keynote, Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, shares his vision of software testing in the digital future. Learn how enterprise application architectures and associated delivery models are changing, how testing must evolve to address these changes, and what testers can (and must) do to successfully navigate the road ahead.

Sandeep Johri

Tricentis and the
State of Software Testing

Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri will discuss how the software testing industry is evolving in response to DevOps and Digital Disruption. Sandeep will also outline how Tricentis has led the charge to become the leader in the automated software testing space—sharing Tricentis’ progress in 2017 and charting the path for 2018 and beyond.

CIO Panel: The Digital Imperative for Software Delivery Transformation

Most testers are already feeling the impacts of digital transformation initiatives such as DevOps adoption and scaling Agile. From delivery speed, to tooling, to team structure, to application architectures, almost everything has changed. But if you manage to catch up, don’t get too comfortable. According to top CIOs, we’re just getting started.

Come learn about the transformative digital transformation initiatives currently on the CIO agenda—and why software delivery process transformation is key to their ultimate success. We’ll move the discussion beyond the buzzwords by looking at specific examples of digital transformation initiatives already in the works. Along the way, we’ll highlight their impact to core application delivery themes such as Agile, DevOps, the cloud.

Franz Fuchsberger

Opening, Awards & Conference Closing

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Have fun with the Amazon Echo Dot

Opening & Welcome

Awards and Day 1 Wrap Up

Day 2 Opening

Conference Closing

Wayne Ariola

Introduction to Continuous Testing Tours
& Lightning Talks

As digital transformation initiatives take hold within your organizations, they will undoubtedly place new demands on your current processes. Successful transformation requires a focused strategy, augmented by services designed to help you achieve your goals. To help you envision how each Continuous Testing process or technology can advance your ultimate quality objectives, we’ve designed custom tours through our exhibit hall. In this session Wayne Ariola, Tricentis CMO, introduces the available tours, then previews related track talks and workshops in a “lightning talk” format.

Jeff Wilkinson, Accenture

Does Diversity Matter in Testing?

Beyond the massive discussions regarding “bro culture” at Uber or “biological differences” at Google, diversity in the Software Engineering community is a huge topic. It’s time to go beyond the hype and turn gender equality into something real. Accenture’s goal of 50/50 by 2025 triggers all kinds of discussions in our communities, whether they are recruiting/hiring, staffing, or performance management related.

But diversity is not only about gender – ethnicity, age, origin, disability, sexual orientation, and religion play a role too. Simply hiring more women does not change anything with regards to attitude, parameters of working in this industry, or simply people’s perception. Why should we care about this, specifically in Testing?

Arun Melkote, Wipro

Patterns to Accelerate

“Quality for speed” is the name of the game in today’s digital landscape. This can be achieved by successfully identifying the patterns of problems that deter an enterprise’s business outcomes. Once identified, systematically addressing these patterns ensures success in today’s competitive business scenarios.