Accelerate 2018
San Francisco

Benjamin Tan | Infometis

Value Stream Integration from a Testing Perspective

Susan Brockley

Testware or Shelfware?

Sanil Pillai | Infostretch

Harness the Power of AI to Optimize Testing Processes

Andreas Günther | Q-up

Advanced Test Data Management for Continuous Testing

Raj Kanuparthi & Sandra Baker | Worldpay

From Test Automation Zero to Continuous Testing Hero

Tatiana Salazar | Experian

How Experian Launched a Transformational Quality Program in 3 Months Flat

Jacci Modrzewski | Sentry

Why a 110-year old Company Left Legacy Behind

Chris Rolls | The Testing Consultancy

DevOps Transformation Journey

Clint Sprauve | Sauce Labs

Continuous Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications

Alex Tabisz & Alain Traechslin | Tricentis

Top BI/Data Warehouse Testing Challenges—and How to Solve Them

Paulina Steidel | Tricentis

Exploratory Testing for Mobile

António Barros | OutSystems

Low Code: What Testers Need to Know

Elmar Pauwels | Tricentis

Increase Risk Coverage While Reducing Your Test Suite

Robert Wagner | Tricentis

API Testing and Service Virtualization for Continuous Testing

Lev Kushnir | Tricentis

New Strategies for SAP Testing

Tim Koopmans | Flood IO

Continuous Load Testing

Alain Traechslin | Tricentis

Deep Dive: BI/DWH Testing

Thomas Stocker | Tricentis

Deep Dive: Continuous Testing

Ivan Vanderbyl | Flood IO

Deep Dive: Load Testing

Gernot Brandl | Tricentis

Discover: Tricentis Cloud

Elmar Pauwels | Tricentis

Discover: Test Planning

James Senecal | Tricentis

Discover: Risk-Based Testing

Thomas Stocker | Tricentis

Discover: Model-Based Test Automation

Ingo Philipp | Tricentis

Discover: Exploratory Testing

Paulina Steidel | Tricentis

Discover: Mobile Testing

Lev Kushnir | Tricentis

Discover: SAP Testing

Ivan Vanderbyl | Flood IO

Discover: Load Testing

Alain Traechslin | Tricentis

Discover: BI/DWH Testing

Robert Wagner | Tricentis

Discover: API Testing & Service Virtualization

Jonathan Morar | Tricentis

Discover: Test Data Management