Accelerate 2018

Sandeep Johri | CEO, Tricentis

Leadership in Testing

Clark Golestani | Former CIO, Merck

Digital Transformation Requires…

Panel Discussion

Lightning Talks

Renee Tillett | Duke Energy

Test Automation: Supporting DevOps and Agile Transformations

Matthias Wienerroither | Spar

How SPAR is Riding the Digital Tsunami

Lev Kushnir | Tricentis

Modern SAP Testing Requires Continuous Testing

Elise Carmichael | QASymphony

Agile Test Management

Ivan Vanderbyl | Tricentis

The Future of Load Testing

Moritz Schafer | Tricentis

Test Data Management: From Pain to Gain

Andy Sturrock
Emmet Keeffe

CIO Fireside Chat

Matthias Rasking | Accenture
Venugopal RK | Accenture

Reinventing the Quality Engineer

Dr. Elmar Juergens | TU Munich and CQSE GmbH

Test-Impact-Analysis: How to Find New Bugs 100x Faster

Abdiel Mancilla | Toll Group

Shifting Left Testing at Toll Group

Dawn Hall | IATA

Lean Testing Transformations: From Toyota to IATA

Amin Chirazi | Automators

Rethinking Testing for SAP S/4HANA

Stefan Lauritzen | BearingPoint GmbH

QA for Robotic Process Automation

Tom van de Ven | Sogeti

Predictive Testing: New Testing Strategies with AI

James Senecal | Tricentis

Risk-Based Testing

Tristan Treboz | Tricentis

Model-Based Test Automation

Timo Mangelmann | Tricentis

Interactive Testing

Robert Sherwood | Tricentis

Tricentis Cloud

Stefan Januschke | Tricentis

Oracle EBS Testing

Eric Elkins | Tricentis

Mobile Testing

Molly Driscoll | Tricentis

Load Testing

Neil Kosman | Tricentis

SAP Testing

Brad Purcell | Tricentis

Test Data Management

Uwe Klemt | Tricentis

BI/Data Warehouse Testing

Ryan Yackel | QASymphony

Agile Test Management

Dr. Elmar Juergens | TU Munich and CQSE GmbH

Test Gap Analysis

Giovanni Denaro | University of Milano-Bicocca

Automating Testing with AutoBlackTest

Wolfgang Platz | Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tricentis

“Digital Transformation”: The Future of Testing

Ann Lewis | ExxonMobil

Continuous Testing at ExxonMobil

Eran Kinsbruner | Perfecto

A Strategy for Continuous Testing for Mobile Apps

Ingo Philipp | Tricentis

AI in Software Testing: The Best (and Worst) Uses

Robert Wagner | Tricentis

Extreme Automation with API Testing and Service Virtualization

Helmut Körfer | SQS

Continuous Test Data and Automation

Christian Plaichner | Tricentis

Tricentis´ Commitment to Your Continuous Testing Success

Franca-Sofia Fehrenbach | Tricentis

The ROI of Test Automation

Jonathan Morar | Tricentis


Michael Kissel | Tricentis

Test Planning

Gijs Jekel | Tricentis

API Testing & Service Virtualization

Sagar Dubal | Tricentis

Reporting and Analytics

Jeff Fillegar | Tricentis

Continuous Testing

Panel Discussion

Great Debate: Testers’ Role

Arun Melkote | Wipro

Quality Driven Design

Andreas Aigner | Linde

How Linde is Using Tricentis to Replace their Legacy Testing Tools

Ann Lewis, Tatiana Salazar, Amber Woods

What’s Really Needed to Transform Testing

Volker Mueller | VKB
Georg Turner | Tricentis


Thomas Neubacher | Qualysoft

Using API Testing and OSV

Aaron Carmack | Worldpay

From Test Automation Zero to Continuous Testing Hero

Sreeja Nair | EdgeVerve

Implementing a Shift-Left Quality Model

Jae-Jun Hwang |

AI Testbot as a First Class Citizen of Continuous Testing

Clinton Sprauve | Sauce Labs

Mobile Testing with Emulators, Simulators, and Real Devices