Accelerate 2017

Continuous Testing Conference

Oct. 16 - 17, Vienna

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Continuous Testing:
Transforming Testing for DevOps

Accelerate 2017 is this year’s can’t miss conference specializing in Continuous Testing for enterprises. Join us at Accelerate for two exciting days of networking, learning and connecting with testing experts from a wide range of industries.

Conference Highlights

2 Days
Oct. 16 – 17

Austria Center


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Networking &
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Convince Your Boss

Even smart, accomplished professionals can find negotiations daunting. Not everyone is comfortable going to their managers with a request — even one as valid as attending the world’s biggest Continuous Testing conference.

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Track Talks

  • The Evolution of Load Testing: What Testers Need to Know
  • Introducing Automated BI & DWH Testing with Tosca BI
  • Robotics: Higher Performance using Tosca as an RPA-Tool
  • The Middle Child Rises – Testing Evolves to Quality Engineering
  • BDD goes Enterprise
  • Fast or Safe? No Longer a Dilemma for Change Delivery
  • New Strategies for SAP Testing
  • How Varian achieved quality@speed in regulated environments
  • The Tosca Side Effects
  • And many more…


  • The Art of Exploratory Testing
  • Continuous Testing in Practice
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Integration
  • Getting Started with BI/Data Warehouse Testing
  • A Tour of Flood IO: Cloud-Based Load Testing On-Demand
  • Shift Left for the Enterprise

Event Location

Austria Center Vienna
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1,
1220 Vienna, Austria